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Join me and other food addicts as I feature my favorite meals that you’re sure to get addicted to.

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The food culture is very diverse, While everyone taste buds are not the same, I try and show a different way to enjoying food.

From fine dining meals to everyday quick meals, I will feature always feature meals that would make your mouth water . Enjoy daily meals that are easy to make and delicious to taste.


Addicted Maybe?

One of the best way to get more addicted with food is to know what taste the best to you. I create food that makes me happy . As a food addict I strive to show case food that I know people will enjoy to love and create for themselves .


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 If you want to learn how to make some of the meals I feature , feel free to email me which ones you would like.

I offer $1 Recipes and also 5 for $3.00

E-Cookbook is coming soon.


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